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Advertisements for postgraduate programmes are done in March/April each year in open media and the University of Nairobi website. However, some schools such as Business and Education have three intakes in a year.

Application is done online via the online application system. Click here

Admission requirements and procedures are available here.


  1. Applications for the January 2018 intake for Faculty of Arts, School of Business, School of Open and Distance Learning, African Women Studies Centre, Institute of Gender and African Studies are still ongoing.
  2. Applications for the April and August 2018 intake (School based) for School of Education and Faculty of Arts are open.
  3. Applications for the May 2018 intake for School of Business, School of Economics, School of Open and Distance Learning, Institute of Climate Change and Adaptaion are open.
  4. Applications for all postgraduate programmes in the September/October 2018/2019 Academic Year are open.