Admission for postgraduate degree programmes is done throughout the year in January, May and September. Application is done online through the Online Application System.

The postgraduate Intakes by colleges is as shown below:

August/September Intake

  1. August - CEES, CHSS and ODeL
  2. September - CAE, CAVS, CEES, CHS, CHSS, CBPS and ODeL

December/January Intake

  1. December - CEES, CHSS and ODeL
  2. January - CHSS and ODeL

April/May Intake

  1. April - CEES, CHSS and ODeL
  2. May - CHSS and ODeL

August, December and April intakes are mainly for school based programmes in College of Education and External Studies (CEES), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) and Open Distance and E-Learning Campus (ODeL).

For application purposes, PhD programmes by thesis only are done using the September intake. PhD programmes by course work, thesis and examination are done using specific intakes.

Admission of PhD programmes by thesis only runs throughout the academic year whereas for PhD programmes by course work, thesis and examination are pegged on specific intakes because the students begin classes as a cohort

Exchange, occasional or research associate students: Foreign students from other universities can be admitted for less than a year in any of the categories indicated. Students intending to be admitted in any of these categories must submit the following:

  1. Expression of interest,
  2. Reference letter from either the dean, chairperson or a professor, and
  3. Academic transcript.

Students admitted for more than a semester in specific modules will be examined and can transfer the credits obtained to their institutions.

Enquiries relating to specific programmes can also be obtained from their respective schools website.  

Graduate Programmes Booklet

Graduate Programmes Brochure

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