Director Graduate School receives a certificate from the Vice Chancellor for exemplary performance for the 2019/2020 performance Contract


The Graduate School has achieved major milestones while carrying out its mandate. Some of the major achievements include;

  1. Transitioning from Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) to Graduate School (GS)
  2. Operationalization of the Graduate School 
  3. Implementation of the Online Application System
  4. Implementation of the Graduate Tracking System
  5. Enhancement of research through publications
  6. Increase in enrolment of graduate students -22% of total student population
  7. Increase in number of Masters and PhD graduands
  8. Developed and implemented guidelines for online proposal defences, online supervision and online examination of thesis, projects & dissertations and implementation
  9. Training on supervision for Supervisors and Graduate Students
  10. Identified contentious issues in the CUE standards, Regulations and Guidelines 2014
  11. Orientation and Mentorship of Graduate Students and International students
  12. Developed the Graduate Student Information Handbook
  13. Mentorship programmes for graduate students
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