1. The University staff fall under three registered trade unions as follows:

  • Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU)
  • Kenya University Staff Union (KUSU)
  • Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotel, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Union (KUDHEHIA)

2. The University offers accommodation to members of staff under the Estates Management regulated by the Housing Policy. 

3. The University has a Sacco which organizes and promotes the welfare and economic interests of its members in accordance with the Co-operative values principles i.e. Chuna Sacco. Visit here.

4. The University has a Staff Training and Development Fund fully committed to structured and systematic training and development of all its employees on an ongoing needs basis to enable them perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

5. The Graduate School has incorporated a team building session where members have a physical activity every Friday for one hour at the field.

6. The Graduate School has a WhatsApp group for inhouse sharing and communication of social issues such as weddings, funerals, office updates for those on leave etc.




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