The following are the requirements for clearance for postgraduate Theses/Dissertation/Projects;

  1. Valid student ID card or print out from the student portal showing that you have requested for renewal of your student ID card,
  2. Four (4) hard bound copies of final thesis for thesis students and two (2) hard bound copies of Dissertation / Project for Dissertation / Project students (Black and Branded)
  • The Theses/Projects/Dissertation must signed by all supervisors.
  • Must be bound at Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML).
  1. Ant plagiarism report of ≤15% duly signed by supervisor and dean/director,
  2. Declaration of originality forms duly filled,
  3. Soft copy of the final Thesis/Project/Dissertation (PDF format) in a CD as a single file,
  4. UoN digital repository form dully filled by the graduand,
  5. The library clearance form and receipts.

Download and fill in one of the clearance forms below depending on whether you are a thesis or a project student and forward the form to then proceed to Graduate School with the requirements above for clearance.

The subject of your email should be as follows:

Subject: CLEARANCE FOR THESIS/PROJECT STUDENT: indicate your name and registration number here

Clearance form for thesis students only

Clearance form for project students only

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