As you set yourself to begin the new academic year 2020/2021, please note the following:

1. REGISTRATION TO THE UNIVERSITY The registration process is still open for the few students who have not managed to do so and will end on 20th September 2020. Only students who will have paid fees, uploaded the required documents and fully registered will receive data bundles and be allowed to start online classes. For any assistance, please contact the Dean, Director or Administrator of your Faculty, School, Institute or Centre.

2. APPLICATION FOR DATA BUNDLES The University through it’s partnership with Telkom Kenya provides students Internet connectivity. This is done through the issuance of Telkom SIM card preloaded with data bundles. For a student to be issued with the Soma na Telkom University sponsored data bundles, they must apply for the same. To apply, update your profile in the SMIS portal by clicking the link “my profile". Data bundles are only issued to students who have registered for courses and paid full fees.

3. UNIVERSITY EMAIL AND AD ACCOUNT It is mandatory for all students to create a University email and an Active Directory (AD) account as a prerequisite to the attendance of online classes. To get a University of Nairobi email, the students are required to update their user profile on the SMIS portal, update their current mobile number and create for themselves a University of Nairobi email. 2 Your AD account has already been created. To access it follow the guideline given on the SMIS portal when updating your profile. The Link for AD account is appended below: .

4. COURSES REGISTRATION Before commencing classes, all students must register for course in the SMIS portal and familiarise themselves with their class timetables. Invitation to their online class shall only be to those who have registered for the courses.

Please note the following procedures for Courses Registration:

  1. Pay the Required Amount for the number of units you seek to register in.
  2. Login to uon students online portal -
  3. Identify the COURSE CODE and Group(where applicable) from the School/Faculty Class Timetable. Group applies only to large classes.
  4.  Enter course code, select exam type (first attempt) and group for each course you want to register. (Group 1 unless stated otherwise on the teaching timetable)
  5. Click Register Courses to process Provisional Registration - ONLY Courses in the Timetable (Online) can be registered Online. Successfully registered courses will appear on the Registered Courses Section and a provisional invoice generated based on your current semester. A student can ADD/DROP registered courses up to the set deadline - You can ONLY drop provisionally registered courses.
  6. Select and confirm courses you have paid for. ONLY confirmed courses that are fully registered will appear on the EXAMINATION CARD.

Consult your Faculty/School/Institute/Centre for further assistance. The deadline for this process is 20th September 2020.

5. TRAINING ON USE OF ONLINE PLATFORMS All students are required to attend the mandatory sensitization/training sessions. The two week training comes to an end on Friday 18th September,2020.

6. INTER/INTER FACULTY TRANSFERS The process of Inter/Intra Faculty ended on Friday 14th September, 2020. Successful applicants will be notified in a due course.

7. TEACHING AND LEARNING Monday 21st September, 2020 - Commencement of Teaching and Learning

8. HELP DESK In case you require further assistance, please contact: Telephone number: 020491000.

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