The University of Nairobi Statutes, 2013: XXX provides as follows;

  1. All students admitted to the University for any Degree, diploma, certificate, or other award of the University shall pay the University such Registration fees, tuition fees and other fees and charges as council may from time to time determine.
  2. All fees and other charges due shall be paid at the commencemenr of the semester they are due and in any case not beyond the third week of the semester. No student shall be allowd into lectures, examination room or participate in activities which have not been fully paid for.
  3. The university shall withod any and all services, examination results, conferement of any degree, certificate or award until all outstanding fees are settled and further reserve the right to institute other legal recovery proceedings against students with outstanding fees and also surcharge an interest at a rate to be determined by Council from time to time.

Consequently, NOTICE is hereby given that all students who will not have completed payment fo fees and registered in SMIS, will be DENIED ACCESS to all University Services, with effect from Monday, 22nd March, 2021.

Students who have challenges with SMIS registration should visit the link provided herein; and email the helps desks in their respective Faculties/School/Institutes/Centre for assistance.

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