Graduate School Key Achievements

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Fri, 2019-01-11 09:12
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University of Nairobi

Since the operationalization of Graduate School in 2017, key areas of its operations have been strengthened and this has resulted in many achievements.Key among these achievements include:

Development, implementation and enhancement of the Online Application System – Graduate School was part of the development of the online application system that has made the admission process efficient.

Revised the Common Regulations of the Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters, Doctor of Philosophy and Higher Doctorate Degrees of the University of NairobiThese regulations were aligned to both CUE and the University of Nairobi requirements.

Increased percentage of graduate students to the total student population– The percentage of graduate students to the total student population grew to 20% and in its performance contract targets Graduate School plans to this percentage will grow to 25% within the next five years.

Development and Implementation of the graduate tracking system – The Graduate tracking will assist the Graduate School to track the progress of Graduate Students in all the colleges when fully implemented. This will enhance the completion rate of the graduate students. Currently only College of Biological and Physical Sciences is trained and is using the tracking system. Graduate School has planned to train all the colleges within the next two years

Increase in number of Masters and PhD graduands – even with the requirement that PhD students publish to papers before graduation the number graduands is expected to increase this year. In the September 2017 and December 2017 graduations the University had a total of 109 PhD graduands. In the 2018 graduation, there were 154 PhD graduands. This is the highest number of PhD graduands to be recorded in one year.

Training on supervision for Supervisors and graduate Students–In November 2017, 48 supervisors and their PhD students from College of Biological and Physical Sciences underwent a two day training on supervision. The training was organised by Graduate School and Consortium for Advanced Training Research in Africa (CARTA)

Enhancement of research through publications – Through enforcement of the CUE regulations, in 2017, 218 papers were published in peer reviewed journals by the PhD students. In 2018, 146 papers have been published in the peer reviewed journals and by the end of the year we expect the number of publications to increase to over 260 publications.

Developed Admissions Policy, Thesis Examination Policy and Scholarship Policy - The Graduate School Board approved the 3 Policies in December 2017 and are awaiting consideration and approval by UEB and Senate. The Graduate School is in the process of developing the Supervision Policy.

Growth in graduate programmes – In 2017 and 2018, the Graduate School Board vetted 5 PhD programmes, 6 Fellowships and 7 masters’ programmes.

Organized and held training for Deans/Directors and School Administrators– The trainings were aimed at sensitizing the Deans/Directors and Administrators on the processes at Graduate School of Admissions, Examinations, supervision and to discuss strategies on how to increase the number of graduate students.

Developed a proposal for DAAD In-region/In-country/ scholarship 2019-2021– The Graduate School has developed a DAAD In-Region/In –Country scholarship proposal

Implementation of CUE quality requirements– Graduate School complies with the regulator and the requirements have been implemented in the admission requirements, supervision of Graduate students and examination for graduate students

Identified contentious issues in the CUE standards, Regulations and Guidelines 2014 – In January, Graduate School submitted to Senate recommendations from Colleges on the contentious issues in the CUE standards, Regulations and Guidelines 2014, which were approved by senate for submission to CUE for consideration.

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