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1 Christopher Ndegwa Muhwanga MSc. in Environmental & Biosystems Engineering Application of Geographic Information Systems in Groundwater Prospecting: A Case Study of Garissa County, Kenya. Abstract
2 Ben Asiago Moywaywa MSc. in Nuclear Science Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments, Water and Flora along Thika River. Abstract
3 James Origa Otieno  MSc. in Environmental & Biosystems Engineering Performance investigation of solar photo-voltaic water pumping systems; a case study of Abakore borehole water supply system, Wajir county Kenya. Abstract
4 Kelly Mutonga MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in the Haz of En24 Steel after Post Weld Heat Treatment. Abstract

5 Nisingizwe Emmanuel MSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Investigating Renewable Energy Potential for Rural Electrification in Rwanda: Technical and Economic Viability. Abstract
6 Ondimu Obed Marube MSc. in Nuclear Science Modeling Trajectories of Electrohydrodynamic Atomization Droplets in Simple-Jet Mode: Investigating impact of additional forces. Abstract
7 Michael Abera Mosissa MSc. in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) Comparison of Three Design Standards on Nakuru – Nyahururu Road Of Flexible Pavements In Kenya. Abstract
8 Kinyua Wachira MSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering A Hybrid Heuristic-Based Localised Area Demosaicking Technique for Panchromatic Colour Filter Arrays. Abstract
9 Stephen Arato Sewe MSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Performance Characterization of E-Band Links for Wireless Back-Haul in Broadband Networks: The Case for Kenya. Abstract
10 Ngeru Timothy Ngigi MSc. in Mechanical Engineering Effect of Transition Elements on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Secondary Al-7si-Mg Cast Aluminium Alloy. Abstract



1 Johnson Yarkpawolo  MSc. in Land & Water Management Effects of Tillage Practices on Water Use Efficiency and Performance of Common Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) in Machakos County, Kenya. Abstract
2 Abok Elisha Onyango MSc. in Food Science and Technology Water Use Practices, Water Quality And Performance Of A Continuous Solar Water Disinfection System In Isiolo County, Kenya. Abstract
3 Mutundi N’seleka Alfred Msc in Seed Technology & Business Management Quality of Farm Saved Maize (Zea Mays L.) Seeds in Busia County and its Effect on Intensity of Foliage Diseases. Abstract
4 Emily Kathambi Kiugu MSc. in Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Seroprevalence of Bovine Leukosis Infection in Selected Farming Systems in Kenya. Abstract
5 Dickson Maximilian Lwabulala MSc. in Crop Protection Validation of Monoclonal Antibodies in Detection of Cassava Brown Streak Viruses Using Triple Antibody Sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay Technique. Abstract
6 Emmah N Kwoba MSc. in Veterinary Public Health Dog Population Demographics and Ecology in Asembo, Siaya County: Implications for Rabies Control. Abstract
7 Caroline Chemutai MSc. in Agronomy Effect of Fertilizer Application, Harvesting Method and Moisture Stress on Growth, Yield and Nutritional Quality of Solanum Spp. and Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp (Cowpea). Abstract
8 Grace Uwamwezi MSc. in Environmental Governance Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Waste Management in Selected Secondary Schools in Westlands Sub-County, Nairobi County. Abstract
9 Harriet Matilda Oboge Master of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics An Evaluation of Knowledge, Perceptions and Socio-Economic Aspects of Q-Fever Infection in a Pastoralist System of Kajiado County, in Kenya. Abstract
10 Jalal Eldeen Chol Atem MSc. in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Evaluation of Maize Genotypes for Resistance to the Maize Chlorotic Mottle Virus in Kenya. Abstract
11 Jean De Dieu Rukundo MSc. in Livestock Production Systems Performance of Dairy Cows Under “One Cow Program” in Northern Rwanda. Abstract
12 Jimmy Morris Lado Wani MSc. in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Improving Sorghum Cultivars For Resistance To Spotted Stem Borer (Chilo Partellus, Swinhoe) And Grain Yield. Abstract 
13  Jean Pierre M. Mpatswenumugabo Msc in  Applied Microbiology (Bacteriology Option) Risk Factors Associated With Subclinical Mastitis and Bacterial Contamination of Cow Milk Along The Market Chain, and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of the Isolates in Rwanda. Abstract
14 Abdirahim Mohamed Ahmed MSc. in Veterinary Public Health Spatial Distribution and Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Anthrax among Pastoralists in Wajir, Isiolo and Marsabit Counties, Kenya. Abstract
15 Alfayo Ombuya MSc. in Crop Protection Integrated Strategies for Management of Liriomyza Spp (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on Basil (Ocimum Basilicum).Abstract
16 Eric Musungayi Mpongolo MSc. in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Agronomic Performance of Cassava Half-Sib Progenies and the Inheritance of Resistance to Casava Diseases and Pests. Abstract
17 Joseph Nyuki Ombega MSc. in Range Management Effect of Rangeland Rehabilitation on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties and Diversity of Herbaceous Layer in Suswa Catchment, Narok County. Abstract
18 Pie Ntampaka MSc. in Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology And Parasitology Assessment of the Effectiveness of Anti-Rabies Vaccination of Dogs in Kigali City, Rwanda. Abstract
19 Shukri Jama Gelle MSc. in Livestock Production Systems Welfare and Production of Layers in Smallholder Poultry Farmers in Kabete Sub-County, Kenya. Abstract
20 Doreen Jemosop Chirchir MSc. in Land & Water Management Strategies to Reduce Microbial and Chemical Contamination in Waste Water Irrigated Vegetables in Nairobi, Kenya. Abstract
21 Batumike Nshobole Ruphine MSc. in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Resistance of Common Bean Genotype to Foliar Fungal and Bacterial Diseases. Abstract
22 John Robert Ouko MSc. in Horticulture Efficacy of Hexanal as a Potential Preservative of Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) Fruit. Abstract
23 Samuel Maina Kahariri MSc. in Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Sero-Prevalence of Human and Livestock Brucellosis and Associated Risk Factors in Marsabit County, Kenya. Abstract
24 Vincent Habimana MSc. in Animal Genetics and Breeding Metagenomic Characterization of Enteric Bacterial Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance Genes Detected from Dairy Cow Feces and Rumen Fluids. Abstract
25 Yuga Mario Enock MSc. in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Breeding Rice for Grain Yield, Earliness and Grain Quality in Eastern Africa. Abstract



1 Onyancha Brenda Monchari Master of Climate Change Adaptation Crop Diversification Using Improved Sweet Potato [Ipomoea Batatas (L.) Lam.] Varieties as an Adaptation Strategy to Climate Varibility by Subsistence Farmers in Taita Hills, Kenya. Abstract
2  Emily Akinyi Otieno MSc. in Physics Development and Validation of a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Method for Cancer Detection and Characterization in Tissue via Multivariate Chemometrics. Abstract
3 Jacqueline Ndunge Kivila MSc. in Genetics Genetic Characterization of the Indigenous Maasai Goats (Capra Hircus) in Narok and Kajiado Counties of Kenya Using Mitochondrial DNA Control Region. Abstract
4 John Ndung’u Mmbaga  MSc. in Environmental Chemistry Synthesis & Characterization of Polymer-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites and their Evaluation as Sorbents for Lead and Cadmium in Water Pollution Remediation. Abstract
5 Lilian Mbaisi Ang’ang’o MSc. in Bioinformatics Molecular Characterisation of Microsporidia Mb Species and Correlation With Plasmodium Presence in Anopheles Mosquitoes in Mwea and Mbita, Kenya. Abstract
6 Gacheru Martin Mbogo MSc. in Chemistry Phytochemical Investigation of Zanthoxylum Paracanthum and Zanthoxylum Chalybeum for Cytotoxic Principles against Drug Sensitive and Multidrug Resistant Leukemia Cancer Cell Lines. Abstract
7 Maimuna Hussein MSc. in Chemistry Assessment of the Water Quality of Selected Boreholes in Mandera Town and its Environs. Abstract
8  Wakuyu Josephine Wanjiku MSc. in Environmental Chemistry Determination of Efficacy of Bio-Fertilizer from Bio-Gas Digesters for Regeneration of Soils. Abstract
9 Nathaniel Decius Leesolee MSc. in Bioinformatics Population Parameters, Genetic Differentiation and Socio-Economics of Sardinella Aurita (Valenciennes 1847) and Pseudotolithus Senegalensis (Valenciennes 1833) in South Coast, Liberia. Abstract
10 Samuel Juwala Mwafulirwa MSc. in Biotechnology Isolation and Characterisation of Microbes involved in Phosphate Solubilization and Pesticide Degradation from Selected Agro Ecological Zones of Malawi. Abstract
11 Wetende Eric Master of Climate Change Adaptation Perceptions, Challenges and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change and Variability: The Case of Smallholder Dairy Farming Systems in Siaya Sub-County, Siaya County. Abstract
12 Sarah Akwabi Mukolwe MSc. in Applied Parasitology Diversity of Ticks and Tick-Borne Protozoan Parasites from Livestock and Wildebeests at the Maasai-Mara Wildlife- Livestock Interface, Narok County, Kenya. Abstract