University of Nairobi Students Association Retreat

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Wed, 2018-07-04 15:54
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University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi Students Association, UNSA held a two days retreat in Mombasa with one theme: Changing the narrative.

The two days retreat was held on June 28-29, 2018 at the Mombasa Beach hotel. During the retreat, Student leaders were sensitized on broad topics on leadership at the university including studentship, governance, statutes and procedures, Finance, Procurement and communication skills among others.
Speaking during the retreat, the University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, reminded the students that the key mandate of the University is to produce holistic graduates.  “True education doesn’t consists of acquiring afew facts, but development of character and dignity”, he said. Prof. Mbithi urged students to avoid lawlessness which taints the university image and brand. “We are going to be leaders through excellence and you also shall lead with excellence. You are the best among the 84,000 students and you have been given the leadership mantle. I urge you to lead students well,” he said.
The Vice-Chancellor further urged UNSA leaders to lead and be very courageous even as they remain loyal to the University of Nairobi brand which is the most prestigious university in the East African region.
Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs, told the student leaders to show leadership by being transparent, accountable, responsive and adhere to the rule of law. “We need total culture change brought about by students, staff and the university. We need to maintain a positive image of our brand,” he said.
Dr. ( Fr) Dominic Wamugunda, the Dean of Students observed that the UNSA student leaders will be operating in a completely  different legal and political environment from that of SONU.Unlike SONU the current UNSA  leaders were elected through an act of parliament and the Constitution. Fr.Wamugunda urged the student leaders to embrace 4Ps of leadership; purpose, picture, people, passion and participation. He explained that a leader need to have a mental picture of where he is taking his followers. A leader needs to have purpose and a leader is not legitimate without people behind him. Lastly, a leader must have passion for leadership.
Speaking during the retreat, UNSA Student Leader, Mr. Antony Manyara, outlined his vision for the students body, key among them being: changing the narrative. Mr. Manyara promised that unlike in the past where university students have been active in riots. There shall be no riots in his era. The riots and industrial strike by staff has greatly interrupted the academic programs of the University in the past. Further, Mr. Manyara promised that under his leadership UNSA will embrace technology and innovation to promote effective communication with the students. He asked Management to support student internship, apprenticeship and jobs study programs. The student leaders promised to promote a culture of dialogue, consultations and negotiations.
The two day retreat was attended by members of the University Executive Board and student leaders from all the colleges and campuses.
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