Functional Units

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Brief Introduction

The BPS Service Charter sets the scope and the standards of service rendered to our postgraduate students, staff and stakeholders. The core functions of the Board are outlined as follows:

  • Coordination of postgraduate syllabi and regulations
  • Admission of postgraduate students
  • Administration of postgraduate scholarships
  • Administration of postgraduate research grants
  • Administration and processing of postgraduate theses, projectsor research papers
  • Proper conduct and supervision of postgraduate programmes
  • General welfare and discipline of postgraduate students.

Functional units or thematic areas are derived from the core functions. They include:

  • Admission - BPS has the responsibility of admitting postgraduate students.
  • Examination - Administration and processing of postgraduate theses, projects or research papers.
  • Scholarship - Administration of postgraduate scholarships and research grants.
  • Records Management - Establishing and maintaining postgraduate studies records, examined thesis and research projects both in hard and soft copies.
  • Marketing - Marketing University of Nairobi postgraduate programmes in local, regional and international fora.